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I might try out the white out diet... this is the first i have heard of it...


States may be grouped in regions; there are endless variations and possible groupings, as most states are not defined

All for one, one for all.*

Samantha - My opinion is probably heavily influenced by what a great deal this place is, I agree! I've been to better Italian restaurants (though there are no good ones in Hampton Roads that I'm aware of)...but I do have to say the pizza margherita is pretty darn good. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the blog!

Please give my best wishes to your family.

It was exciting to meet all those positive, wonderful students, fellow grads and staffers.

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Both Dr. Linchitz and Joshua, I believe, are at the forefront of a fast-growing movement to transform the health of Americans.

Hello guys and gals!I have read several anrwses to this commonly asked question. However I feel as if I am a bit different then most people.I am 22, male, 5'6 tall and I weight 240LBS, I should weigh 180, however with my frame I believe 200LBS might be good. So I am overweight. I'm training my body to live with ample food to no food. For rapid weight loss, survival needs in case of a SHTF scenario. I eat between 1,000 to 1,300 calories a day, 2400MG of sodium or less, and under 30G of fat and under 20G of fat. I take a multi vitamin and the days that I work my upper body and arms I drink a single muscle milk light for that extra protein and magnesium for my calves after running and bicep growth.I am fine on food, I;m not hungry often anyway, my body isn't telling me it needs more nutrition or energy. One of my biggest key points is that I HAVE EXERCISED ENDUCED ASTHMA.When I run on the elliptical I start at 80 RPM or strides, during the run my body levels out to about 70-73 RPM/strides. I am fine ad can push my body on that and only drink water and need my inhaler at the end. Street run or treadmill, I am out of the game quickly. My throat gets dry and raspy and I get bad cotton mouth almost instantly. I am trying for a police academy later thins month and I must run a 1.5MILE run in 16:57 seconds. There is a big physical test all in the same day.Here is my water intake:(4) 16.9oz bottles of Dasani filtered water throughout the day(1) (2) 20 oz cup of fridge filtered ice water at night while I am resting.On tough day at the gym I might consume a half to whole liter of dasani water.if its not a tough abdominal day with running I may only consume an additional (1)-(2) 16.9 OZ bottle of dasani water instead of the liter listed above.I control my breathing OK, I breathe in my nose and out my mouth, if my body is telling me running hurts I forget and either breathe in and out mouth briefly, or I start to breathe like when I lift weights,But very quickly Into the run I can compare it to Jim Carey in Me, Myself and Irene with his cotton mouth, lol. And yes I pee super pale yellow to clear.Any body can give a genuine reply? Thank-you,-LouisP.S. I am wearing Nike running shoes too P.S.S Forgot to mention while doing the academy test, or doing academy 2-7 mile runs or jogs you can't have water during the jog/run.

If you care about your health plasee make sure you are getten the best for your body. #1 health line in the world (NO WWW.) The products in there the olyimpic athelets go hint hint Also its free to log in there more then just health stuff. Free shippen, 100% money back on any thing you dont like. Cool

^^ Brian, thanks a lot for all this PN stuff... I've suricbsbed the first month or two u started it, and I can't get enough.About the person who commented before me, it is funny because I wanted to talk about the same thing. Meat isn't really bad if it is organic and grass fed, it is actually good for you. I have read Mark Sisson's book Primal Blueprint and I have applied the principles in it and it is working great for me, a PN on it would be awesome ! His website is a daily stop for me too. For the research, I don't know if you already read it but Good Calories, Bad Calories is a classic when it comes to nutrition and it is for reducing carbs and consuming more healthy fats too, I'm sure you will love the book... The documentary Fat Head, while not very serious, proves a point too. The guy eats at McDonalds 30 days and loses weight and his cholesterol level is better, this is not to say that McDonals is healthy, but to show that a lot of conventional wisdom about nutrition is not accurate, it has a couple references to research and explains how the food pyramid used by the USDA is faulty... Anyway, thanks for the PN Take care man Aziz

i agree we also currently over-consume soy and ginars but i think you're missing the point I was trying to make. my apologies if I wasn't clear. i'm suggesting (and all the research supports) that we reduce our consumption of animal products (both meat AND dairy--and while we're on that topic: i don't think you're going to tell me that sucking on the tit of an animal that produces milk to make a baby calf go from 50 lbs to 500 lbs in a year is *natural*... let alone drinking that milk after a factory-farmed animal has been shot up with a crazy amount of antibiotics). While we're reducing our consumption of animal products, the research suggests (if we want to prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer and all that other not-so-fun-stuff), that we reduce our consumption of refined foods as we increase our consumption of plant-based veggies and fruits. time to go watch a movie with my Goddess.

This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

3d5RAC aebxggyxxryk

Welcome this is a good news mate!

Well said. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things from a different point of view. I have to analyse more on this as it seems very interesting. One thing I don’t understand though is how everything is related together.

I'm waiting in support of the ending of Euro 2012. All spoke about Ukraine - a rest!

Your article is very interesting and humorous. From your article, I can see the true meaning of the word happy. This article, I believe many people are helpful. Very fortunate to share this article to your. Look forward to your updates.

I have lost over 60lbs on the HCG Diet and have kept it off for the better part of a year! It works but you have to foollw it to exactly as instructed in the original diet. - No do not start while on your period. Wait till the day after and then start. The hormonal balance during your period is all out of whack and starting the HCG Diet during this time is not harmful but is not effective. It will essentially be a waste to try and start till after your period ends. - Remember, 1lb of fat is the equivalent of 3500 Calories! So as you body enters into Ketosis (the process of burning fat for fuel) you body will be able to burn as much as 4000 calories per day of your own body's fat reserves to make up for the small amount of calories your eating! Furthermore, HCG has been shown to be a natural appetite suppressant. - Weight loss varies according to many factors including wage, gender, physical condition, and individual body makeup. You can expect an average weight lose between .5 1.5lbs per day. However, the Ketosis process works on a 2-3 days cycle. That is as your body burns fat for energy it doesn't burn the now empty fat cell or the surrounding tissue all at the same time. Instead it will fill the empty cell with water till it gets around to burning up the cell over the 2-3 days. So, you may find that you go a day or so with little or no weight loss and then wake up one morning and lose 1-3lbs from the day before! This is because your body final passed the water it was using as a placeholder! This is why you need to drink TONS of water or green tea while on the diet. It will make sure you body is super hydrated and it will flush out some of the Ketones produced by burning fat for energy through Ketosis. By flushing out the Ketones your body will be forced to burn more fat to make more Ketones for energy! Thus, as I like to say the More you Pee, the More You'll Lose - During the HCG Diet your body will be searching for fat to burn for energy! You want it to burn the fat reserves in your body, right? So we want to limit the amount of fat it finds to only the fat reserves we want to burn and we do that by eating no fat or oils and not using any oils, lotions, or fats on our skin since some of that will be absorbed into the body. HOWEVER, you can use oil free makeup and mineral makeup without an issue. I hope this helps! Check out my sources for more info. Also feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

eep. thats tricky. Im sure this diet has had serveal negative effects on your body to go along with the weightloss. I would definatly consult your physician. How it sounds to me is that you are kindof stuck on this diet which isnt good .but you cannot remain on it or eles you will get yourself into a whole other mess. trust me, you dont want to go there. Going back to eating normally can be unhealthy too. Gaining weight back rapidly is bad for your health. If you refeed healthfully, you may not gain as much weight back.Your doctor should work with you with refeeding. They can help your mind and your body get used to having normal amounts of food in it..kind of like what happens with people with ED's. Hopefully this has helped a bit and hopefully you can get healthy again. Best of luck!!

body for life is a lifestyle cnhgae, my thing is its great if it works but I wouldn't go as far to call something like that a lifestyle cnhgae I mean going from not being a christian to being a christian that would be a lifestyle cnhgae, going from not being in the army to joining the army would be a lifestyle cnhgae, Its great if someone can use body for life and become healthier but wouldn't it be considered a diet?

As long as you have some muscle mass, eaitng healthily will allow your body to naturally (yet more slowly) burn off excess fat. However, what do you think it is easier to sell people? Pricey healthy food that they can just replace with items from the store, or get ripped quick exercise machines for $ 20 a pop? Also (and this is just my opinion) telling people they can still eat most of what they want and they just have to exercise is more appealing than telling them that they have to be very strict about what they eat.

first: YOU HAVE TO EAT MORE THAN THAT. believe it or not your body is stinrog fat and will make you gain weight if you don't eat more because it knows it needs the nutrients to keep you up.second: Run on the treadmilll every other day and do different exercises to mix it up. one day you can decide to run/jog 3 miles at 10mph and another day you could go faster for 2 miles. or slower for 4 miles?3rd: if you want to lose weight by what you eat just eat a lot of fruit and healthy foods. NEVER skip a meal. because you'll again gain weight.i hope i helped (i'm a runner so i know a lot from coaches)

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